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The Ecuadorian city of Cuenca, having a rising population of about half a million people is preferred by many immigrants. This can be attributed to the rich cultural heritage brought in by many churches and museums and an amazing moderate weather, which is preferred by expats, many of which include retirees.

Cuenca has a state of the art airport, cinemas, apartment buildings and shopping malls. The markets are filed with fresh fruits and vegetables. Living in Cuenca, Ecuador is affordable. You have many amazing yet inexpensive restaurants in & around Cuenca and you can always enjoy sitting in Parque Calderon, the city’s beautiful central square, and watch as the city goes by.

Real Estate Investment in Cuenca
Thanks to Ecuador’s strong and growing Economy, real estate prices in Cuenca have increased slightly in past few years but they are quite inexpensive compared to prices to Europe, Australia and United States. As real estate prices continue to rise, now’s an excellent time for an investment in real estate market in Cuenca. Ecuadorians returning from abroad or those who are making an investment in real estate now and planning to live in Cuenca later, are driving the real estate industry in the city.
A World Heritage Site
Parque Calderon, the largest plaza in Cuenca where street vendors sell almost everything and musicians play in bandstands, is a very popular tourist destination. “Catedral de la InmaculadaConcepción”or the “New Cathedral”, a massive building dominating the Parque Calderon, is the most photographed landmark in Cuenca.
Many expats, who movie to city, wish to live near Centro, Cuenca’s historic district. A day in Centro feels like a step back in history. Lots of cultural activities, art galleries, restaurant and bars etc. happen to be in Centro, which can make the district a bit noisy. Therefore, expats usually move into a property which is about 20-25 minute walk to Centro.
Healthcare in Cuenca
Healthcare in Cuenca is top notch. Many immigrants arrange for medical insurance through the hospital of their preference. One of the major hospitals in Cuenca, associated with the Boston University Medical Center, Hospital Universitario del Rio, offers private insurance policy for as less as $90 for a 63 year old.